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Ranked as the second zodiac, the ox is huge. In life, people often used it to indicate something big in size or large in number. It is persistent, simple, honest, and straightforward. Fractious people are said to have an 'oxen temper'.


People born in this year are probably honest, industrious, patient, and cautious, and do things steadily. They are talent leader with strong will and faith, strong devotion to work and staying power. They are not easily affected by others or their surroundings but just follow their concept and ability. They are contemplative before taking actions and can make a clear distinction between right and wrong. Women are usually good wives who pay attention to their children's education. In short, people under the ox sigh are tender-hearted, having amiable temper and an honesty nature. They are usually conservative. They hold respect to the tradition and value job and family highly.


They are obstinate and poor at communication. Leaders in their career may not discover their abilities. They looks prudish and distant, but not feminine, charming and lively enough. They usually do not get a great facility in speaking, being silent and persistent in their old ways. In their old age, they would be usually bestowed with happiness.

Horoscope and Numerology Elements

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: chou

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): tu (earth)

Yin Yang: yin

Auspicious Directions: southeast, due south and due north

Lucky Colors: blue, red, purple; Avoid: white, green

Lucky Numbers: 9, 1; Avoid: 3, 4

Lucky Flowers: tulip, evergreen, peach blossom

Zodiac Sign Compatibility- Best match: rat, snake, rooster; Avoid: horse, dog, sheep

Fortune Foretelling in 2013

Overview: They will get good fortune in career and wealth in 2013. Steady development or progress will be achieved under the instruction of their bosses. For students, they will get good performance. Generally, the ox people can get help easily from others this year. Good opportunities probably happen to them.

Career: It can be a good year to get a promotion. They have to work harder and get along well with the competitors in jobs. Once their performance is approved by their bosses, it is easy to be promoted. Businessmen can try to make an investment or run a company this year, which may bring some profits.

Wealth: Earning money will be relatively easier than the past year. Therefore, as long as they work hard, they will never be trapped by financial problems. In spite of that, they need make a good allocation to spend money.

Relationship: Singles will have a good fortune to shake off the single life. For couples, they may need more efforts to lead a happy life, especially in the first half of this year. More communication and mutual understanding are necessary between husband and wife. The ox people also need remember that they should not trust whoever they don't know well.

Health: They will be healthy both in body and mind this year. Too much or heavy labor work should be avoided. They may easily catch cold. On banquets and dinner parties, they should control themselves from drinking too much.

Fortune in 2012

Overview: They have average luck in this dragon year. Do not be afraid of the blocks on the way to success. Whenever they encounter a strong competitor in career, they should know flexible ways to overcome the difficulty. Success is not only based on hard working.

Career: They are likely to have a fruitful year in 2012, both promotions in finance and career position. Keep their cool when they are disposed to be in conflict with colleagues and their superiors.

Wealth: They with rigid numerology (elements of one's astrological features are too strong) are probably to lose money, so be cautious of improper investments.

Love: Both parties should know the importance of family harmony, so do not be upset by trifles. Be understandable and tolerant.

Health: For impetuous and emulative ox people with a short fuse, they should pay special attention to the traumas possibly brought by their quick temper. Beware of losing things and being stolen. Remind themselves of the possibility of discomforts in digestive system.


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