Viceroy of Shaan-Gan

The Viceroy of Shaan-Gan (陜甘总督), fully referred to as the Governor General of the two Shaanxi , Gansu Provinces and surrounding areas; Overseeing Military Affairs, Food Production; Manager of Waterways; Director of Civil Affairs (總督陜西甘肅等處地方,提督軍務、糧餉、管理河道兼巡撫事), was one of eight viceroys in China proper during the qing dynasty of China. The Viceroy had jurisdiction over the provinces of Shaanxi , Gansu and western Inner Mongolia . Because there were Northwest of the China, the province was known, along with west of the Yellow River , hence the name "ShaanGan". Chinese historians have a viewpoint often:[Viceroy of ShaanGan controlled eastern Silk Road'Tradeing, traffic and position of Strategy between Central Asia].

List of Viceroys

Yang Yuchung

1845: Lin Zexu (林则徐)

1866-1878: Zuo Zongtang (左宗棠)

1888-1895: Yang Changjun (楊昌濬)

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