Yin (Ten Kingdoms)

The Yin (殷) was a short-lived kingdom during China's five dynasties and ten kingdoms Period which lasted from 907 to 960 and bridged the time between the fall of the tang dynasty and the foundation of the song dynasty.

Rebellion from Min

The Min kingdom was founded in 909 after the tang dynasty collapsed. However, after the founder of the kingdom, Wang Shenzhi, died in 925, the sons squabbled with one another. In 943, that led to an all out rebellion as one of Wang Shenzhi's sons, Wang Yanzheng, rebelled and carved out the Yin Kingdom out of the northwestern part of the Min kingdom.

Territorial Extant

The Yin kingdom was rather small, occupying an area in present-day northern Fujian and southern Zhejiang . It was bounded by wuyue to the north, Min to the south and east and the southern tang dynasty to the west.

Fall of the Kingdom

Yin was one of the shortest lived kingdoms in Chinese history. The Min court asked the southern tang dynasty for assistance in dealing with the Yin. The southern tang dynasty intervened, but on their own behalf and absorbed the kingdom into its own domains. The following year, it absorbed the Min as well.

Sovereigns in Yin Kingdom 943–945

Posthumous Names

Personal Names

Period of Reigns

Era Names

Tian De Di (天德帝 Tiān Dédì)
(as Emperor of Yin)

王延政 Wáng Yánzhèng


Tiande (天德 Tiān Dé) 943–945

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