Baraq (Khan of golden horde)

Baraq was Khan of the golden horde from 1422 to 1427. His father was Koirichak, grandson of Urus Khan who was also descendant of Genghis Khan. He took support from Ulugh Beg, the Timurid khan, and in 1422 he dethroned Kepek, Olugh Mokhammad as well as Dawlat Berdi, khans of the golden horde. And Baraq reoccupied Sighnak from the Timurids. However, he was defeated in 1427 by Olugh Mokhammad and was promptly assassinated by Jochi's descendant, Mohammed, who claimed the steppe between the Ural and Syr Darya rivers for his dynasty.

In the year of 1456, Baraq's sons, Ghirey and Janibeg rebelled against Abu'l-Khayr Khan and they immigrated to the environs of "Yedi Su" (Seven Waters) and they declared their own khanate. Therefore, the line of Baraq reappeared in the stage of the history and this khanate was called as "Kazakh Khanate" henceforth.

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