Emperor Aizong of Jin

Emperor Aizong of Jin (r. 1224-1234) was emperor of the Jurchen jin dynasty, which ruled most of northern China in the 12th and 13th centuries. His name at birth was Wányán Shǒuxù (完顏守緒. ) He was the ninth of ten emperors of the jin dynasty and the last emperor who ruled for a significant amount of time. Aizong was considered an able emperor who made several reforms beneficial to the Jin State, such as the removal of corrupted officials and more lenient tax laws. He also shifted the flawed Jin policy in making war with the southern song dynasty Chinese and focus the nation's military resource against the Mongols. Yet, these were not enough to save the weakened jin dynasty, which eventually fell to the Mongols, led by the Gengis Khan during his reign. When his temporary capital, Caizhou, was surrounded by Mongols, he passed his throne to his Generalissimo, Wanyan Chenglin and then committed suicide.

Reign Eras

Zhèngdà 正大 1224-1232

Kāixīng 開興 1232

Tiānxīng 天興 1232-1234

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