Emperor Modi of Jin

Emperor Modi of Jin (r. February 9, 1234) was the last emperor of the jin dynasty. Ruling for less than one day on February 9, 1234 before being killed by the Mongolians, he is the shortest-reigning monarch in Chinese history.

Brief history

He was born as Wányán Chénglín (Chinese: 完顏承麟). Before his ascendance to the throne, he has been a generalissimo under Emperor Aizong of Jin.

On the night of February 8, 1234, Aizong decided to flee from their temporary capital, Caizhou, which is now Runan County, Henan , and asked Chenglin to be the next emperor.

On the next day during coronation, the Mongolians already broke the city walls. Aizong fled, and Modi tried to reinforce the palace but failed. He was killed by the Mongolian forces who entered the palace later that day.

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