Prince Shao of Wei

Wanyan Yongji (完顏永濟) (1168?-September 11, 1213), known in traditional histories as Prince Shao of Wei (衛紹王), was an emperor of the jin dynasty whom ruled most of northern China in the 12th and 13th centuries. Wanyan Yongji was the seventh of ten emperors of the jin dynasty. During his rule, the Mongols began heavy attacks on the jin dynasty.

Wanyan Yongji was betrayed and killed by a marshal in the capital of Beijing ; he was third and last of ten Jin emperors to be assassinated. After his death, he was posthumously demoted to his pre-reign title of Prince of Wei.

Reign Eras

Dà'ān 大安 1209-1212

Chóngqìng 崇慶 1212-1213

Zhìníng 至寧 1213

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