Emperor Xuanzong of Jin

Emperor Xuanzong of Jin (April 18,1163–January 14, 1224) Chinese: 金宣宗, Jin Xuanzong, was a Jurchen emperor of the jin dynasty which ruled most of northern China in the 12th and 13th centuries, and was the first Jin emperor who was defeated by the Mongols after Genghis Khan's army crossed the Great Wall in 1211 in their drive for conquest of China. His name at birth was Wányán Xún (完顏珣. ) Xuanzong was the eighth of ten emperors of the jin dynasty.

Reign Eras

Zhēnyòu 貞祐 1213-1217

Xīngdìng 興定 1217-1222

Yuánguāng 元光 1222-1223

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