Imperial Concubine Chun

Imperial Concubine Chun (died 13 October 1819) was a consort of the Jiaqing Emperor of the qing dynasty.

Imperial Concubine Chun was born of the Manchu Dongiya (董佳) clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Shitai (時泰), a weishu ku zhang (委署庫長; a type of official post). Lady Dongiya received the title of Noble Lady Chun (淳貴人) during the early reign of the Jiaqing Emperor. In 1801 she was promoted to the rank of Imperial Concubine Chun (淳嬪). She died in 1819.

qing dynasty palace regulations stipulate that only six consorts in the imperial harem were allowed to hold the rank of Imperial Concubine (嬪). Lady Dongiya was the fifth to be promoted to this status in the Jiaqing Emperor's time.

Charmaine Sheh played Imperial Concubine Chun in the 2004 Hong Kong television series War and Beauty. The character's name is Dongiya Erchun (董佳·爾淳) and her title is Noble Lady Chun (淳貴人). In the television series, Noble Lady Chun is actually a Han Chinese who was given a false Manchu identity by her adoptive father so that she can join the imperial harem and win the favour of the Jiaqing Emperor. This could provide Noble Lady Chun with an opportunity to request that the emperor pardon her father for his treacherous acts in the past. At the end of the series, she is seen leaving the Forbidden City with a palace guard to start a new life.

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