Kingdom of Zhao

King of Zhao was a title used by several rebellion leaders during the collapse of the qin dynasty in ancient China. By using the old Warring State name Zhao, they claimed to be the rightful rulers of the old Zhao territory (now Shanxi province and South Hebei ). Xie, King of Zhao, was a descendant of the old Zhao royal family.

The Kingdom of Zhao was one of the 18 Kingdoms in ancient China.

King of Zhao then became a noble title of the han dynasty. When the han dynasty was established in 202 BC, Zhang Er, King Jing of Zhao, kept this title for his loyalty to Emperor Gao of Han in the Chu-Han Contention. In 199 BC, however, because of the rebellion of several other kings, Zhang Ao, King of Zhao, son of Zhang Er, was demoted to marquess and this kingdom became extinct.

Ruyi, Prince Yin of Zhao, a young son of Liu Bang (Emperor Gao of Han) and a favored concubine, Consort Qi, was made Prince Yin of Zhao under this emperor at around 198 BC. Soon after the death of the emperor, he died in 195 BC by poisoning in a plot instigated by the emperor's widow, Empress Dowager Lü, to ensure he would not become emperor.

King of Zhao was created again by Empress Dowager Lü in 187 BC for Liu Qiang, King of Zhao. Liu Qiang was a faked son of Emperor Hui of Han. After Liu Qiang died in 183 BC without an heir, another faked son of Emperor Hui of Han, Liu Wu, King of Zhao, succeeded. Liu Wu was killed in a coup to overthrow the Lü Family in 180 BC and this kingdom became extinct.

Kings of Zhao

Wu Chen, King of Zhao, 209 BC-208 BC

Xie, King of Zhao, 208 BC-206 BC

Zhang Er, King Jing of Zhao, under the title King of Changshan, 206 BC-205 BC

Xie, King of Zhao, 2nd reign, 205 BC-204 BC

Zhang Er, King Jing of Zhao, 2nd reign, 204 BC-202 BC

Zhang Ao, King of Zhao, (202 BC-199 BC)

Kings of Zhao, Recreated in han dynasty

Liu Qiang, King of Zhao, (187 BC-183 BC)

Liu Wu, King of Zhao, (183 BC-180 BC)

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