King Xuan of Zhou

King Xuan of Zhou (Chinese: 周宣王; pinyin: Zhōu Xuān Wáng) was the eleventh king of the Chinese zhou dynasty. Estimated dates of his reign are 827-782 BC or 827/25-782 BC. He worked to restore royal authority after the Gong He interregnum. He fought the 'Western Barbarians' (probably Xianyun) and another group on the Huai River to the southeast. In his ninth year he called a meeting of all the lords. Later he intervened militarily is succession struggles in the states of Lu, Wey and Qi. Sima Qian says "from this time on, the many lords mostly rebelled against royal commands. " He is said[by whom?] to have killed an innocent man called Dubo and was himself killed by an arrow fired by Dubo's ghost. His son, King You of Zhou was the last king of the western zhou dynasty.

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