Lady Abahai

Lady Abahai (1590–1626) was the primary consort of Nurhaci, founder of the qing dynasty. She bore Nurhaci three sons - Ajige, Dorgon, and Dodo. She was erroneously identified with Nurhaci's son and successor, Hong Taiji, in earlier sources.


Lady Abahai was born of the Manchu Ula clan, a subgroup of the Nara clan. Her father was Mantai (滿泰), beile of the Ula clan. Under the arrangement of her uncle Bujantai, Lady Abahai was married to Nurhaci in 1602 when she was 12 years old. Following the death of Empress Xiaocigao (birth mother of Nurhaci's son and successor Hong Taiji) in 1603, Lady Abahai was granted the title of Grand Consort (大妃). She was forced to commit suicide in 1626 by her stepsons, including Hong Taiji, for fear that she might be a barrier to his succession.


Lady Abahai bore Nurhaci three sons:

Ajige (阿濟格), Prince Ying of the First Rank (英親王)

Dorgon (多爾袞), Prince Ruizhong of the First Rank (睿忠親王)

Dodo (多鐸), Prince Yutong of the First Rank (豫通親王)

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