Liu Fei

Liu Fei (simplified Chinese: 刘肥; traditional Chinese: 劉肥), also known as Prince Daohui of Qi (齊悼惠王) (died 189 BC) was the oldest son of Emperor Gaozu of Han and Consort Cao—initially Emperor Gao's mistress. When Emperor Gao was eventually victorius in the Battle of Gaixia in 202 BC, in that same year Emperor Gao made Liu Fei his oldest son Prince of Qi.

Personal information


Emperor Gaozu of Han


Consort Cao—initially Emperor Gao's mistress


Princess Si, mother of Prince Xiang


Liu Xiang (劉襄), Prince Ai of Qi (齊哀王) (d. 179 BC)

Liu Zhang (劉章), Prince Jing of Chengyang (城陽景王) (d. 177 BC)

Liu Xingju (劉興居), Marquess of Dongmou (committed suicide 177 BC)

Liu Bajun (劉罢军), Marquess of Guangong

Liu Ningguo (劉宁国), Marquess of Guaqiu

Liu Xindu (劉信都), Marquess of Ningping

Liu An (劉安), Marquess Gong of Yangqiu

Liu Jianglü (劉将闾), Prince Xiao of Qi (created after his nephew Liu Ze died sonless)

Liu Piguang (劉辟光), Prince of Jinan, one of the seven princes in Rebellion of the Seven States.

Liu Zhi (劉志), Prince of Jibei, later Prince of Zichuan.

Liu Ang (劉卬), Prince of Jiaoxi, one of the seven princes.

Liu Xian (劉贤), Prince of Zichuan, one of the seven princes.

Liu Xiongqu (劉雄渠), Prince of Jiaodong, one of the seven princes.

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