Liu Xiang (prince)

Liu Xiang (劉襄), also known as Prince Ai of Qi (齊哀王) (died 179 BC) was a key player during the Lü Clan Disturbance (180 BC). He was the grandson of Emperor Gao of Han and the eldest son of Prince Liu Fei of Qi by Consort Si.

During the Lü Clan Disturbance, Liu Xiang led the Qi forces and also seized the forces of the nearby Principality of Langye, and was ready to march to the capital Chang'an to claim the imperial throne for himself, assisted by his brothers Liu Zhang and Liu Xingju. After the officials in the capital overthrew the Lü clan and deposed Emperor Houshao of Han, however, they instead invited his uncle Prince Liu Heng of Dai (later Emperor Wen) to be emperor. Liu Xiang acquiesced and did not fight Emperor Wen for the throne, and he withdrew his forces back to his territory, though in fact he should be the heir presumptive after the extinction of the male line of Emperor Hui of Han.

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