Princess Liang

Princess Liang (梁王后, personal name unknown) was a princess of the Chinese state western qin. Her husband was the final prince, Qifu Mumo.

Very little is known about Princess Liang. Qifu Mumo created her princess in 429, after he had succeeded his father Qifu Chipan (Prince Wenzhao) in 428. It is not known whether his son Qifu Wanzai (乞伏萬載), whom he created crown prince in 429 as well, was her son. It is not known what happened to her when Qifu Mumo was captured and executed by the Xia emperor Helian Ding in 431, ending western qin, although Helian Ding executed a large number of western qin nobles and officials, so it was likely she was executed as well.

Last update 18-06-2012

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