Sun Kuang

Sun Kuang, style name Jizuo (季佐), was the fourth son of the warlord Sun Jian during the late han dynasty period of Chinese history. Upon his father's death, he fled to Jiangnan with his elder brother, Sun Ce, who was given succession as Marquis of Wucheng (烏程侯), but instead chose to give the position to Kuang in order to further his own military ambitions.

In order to cement an alliance with Sun Ce, then a rising power in the south and one of the most powerful warlords in the han dynasty, Cao Cao proposed marriages between the Sun and Cao clans. Sun Kuang married the daughter of Cao Cao's younger brother (while in Romance of the three kingdoms, Sun Kuang married daughter of Cao Cao's general Cao Ren), while the daughter of Sun Ce's older cousin Sun Ben, was betrothed to Cao Cao's son Cao Zhang. Sun Kuang played a role in the politics of the tumultuous era, though he had no significant military accomplishments or appointments to his name.

According to Sun Kuang's biography in Chen Shou's Records of three kingdoms, he was not tested militarily and died at a young age, though he did live long enough to father a son, Sun Tai, who in turn fathered Sun Xiu (孫秀). Sun Tai was shot by an arrow during Sun Quan's siege of Hefei in 234. Sun Xiu defended Xiakou against the invading armies of the jin dynasty during the Conquest of Wu by Jin, but eventually defected to the jin dynasty, which he served until his death.

It is worth noting that there are inconsistencies in the official histories of the era regarding an incident pertaining to Sun Kuang's younger half-brother, Sun Lang. Jiangbiao Zhuan (江表傳) suggests that, while defending Dongkou from Cao Xiu, Sun Kuang accidentally burnt his camp and would have surely brought destruction upon Wu had the able generals Lü Fan and Xu Sheng not been there to make up for his blunder. However, as Pei Songzhi argued in his annotations of Records of three kingdoms, Sun Kuang died several years before the incident and that it was Sun Lang who committed the blunder.

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Sun Jian


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Sun Ce, older brother

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Sun Tai (孫泰)

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