Tsewang Arabtan

Tsewang Rabtan (from Tibetan Cêwang Rabdain; died 1727) was a Choros-Oirat prince and the Khong Tayiji of the Zunghar Khanate from 1697 (following the death of his uncle and rival Galdan Boshugtu Khan) until his death in 1727. He was married to Lha-bzang Khan's sister.

Tsewang Rabtan married his daughter to Lha-bzang Khan's son in 1714. He used the occasion to destroy some of Lha-bzang's troops in preparation for an invasion of Tibet. He consolidated Zunghar power by 1715, and in 1717 sent one army of 300 to Amdo to retrieve the 7th Dalai Lama, planning to consolidate Tibetan support by bringing him to Lhasa, and another army of 6000, led by his brother Tsering Dondup, that successfully took Lhasa from the Khoshut and killed Lha-bzang Khan. However, the first army failed to acquire the Dalai Lama, having been defeated by Kangxi's troops at Kumbum. What is more, his troops went on a rampage through Lhasa and its environs, looting, raping and killing. Soon, the Tibetans were appealing to Kangxi to rid them of the Zunghars. In 1720, Qing troops took Lhasa.

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