Xie of Xia

Xie (泄) was the 10th ruler of the possibly legendary xia dynasty, son of Mang of Xia and grandson of Huai. He possibly ruled 25 years according to Bamboo Annals.


He ascended the throne in the year Xinwei (辛未).

His name means "thank".

Zihai and Wei

In the 12 years of his regime, the Shang vassal Zihai traveled to and lived in Youyi, Zihai was dissolute so the leader of Youyi, Mianchen, killed him.

In the 16th year of his regime, Shang minister Wei led troops from Hebo, invaded Youyi and killed Mianchen.

War with barbarians

According to the Bamboo Annals, on the 21st year of his regime, Xie fought with the surrounding barbarians of Fei (Quanyi), Bai, Chi, Xuan, Feng, and Yang. He won the war and all of the tribes obeyed his orders.

Personal information

Sons of Xie were Kings Jiong of Xia and Bu Jiang of Xia and his grandsons were King Jin and King Kong Jia.

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