Zhong Kang

Zhong Kang (Chinese: 仲康) was the fourth king of the possibly legendary xia dynasty.

Zhong Kang was a son of King Qi of Xia and thus the younger brother of Tai Kang.

He took the throne in the year of Jichou (己丑). His capital was at Zhenxun.

On the day of Gengwu, September in the 5th year of his regime, there was a sun eclipse.

He ordered one of his generals, Zeng, to lead troops to conquer Yihe, for the king of Yihe indulged in wine and beauty and his citizens lived bad lives.

In the 6th year of his regime, he appointed Kunwu (昆吾) as his prime minister.

His son, named Xiang, left him and lived in Shangqiu with another minister named Pi.

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