Security Check

A. Who cannot pass the security check?

Before the departure, passengers along with their luggage must receive the security check. For special passengers such as unaccompanied children, invalids, pregnant women, the blind and deaf as well as criminals, only should they meet the airlines' regulations or be approved by the airlines can they pass the security check. Patients with infectious diseases, psychopaths or individuals whose physical condition may do harm to other passengers cannot pass the security check.

B. What are hazardous materials by CAAC?

The carrying of hazardous materials can be very dangerous. The CAAC states that hazardous materials mainly include the following categories: aerated solids like polishes, paraffin wax or detergents; corrosive substances like acids, cleaning agents or wet button batteries; combustible materials like paint, thinners, flammable liquids, lighter, adhesion and portable stoves; explosive materials like fireworks, flare bombs, announciators, loaded firearms and gunpowder; radioactive substances like β-ray telescope, radioactive Pharmacy or to-be-transplanted pacemaker; compressed gases like tear gas, protected pressurized spray, air tank or gasoline tank (unless it is empty); infectious materials like vaccines or animal viruses; toxic substances like rat poison.

If passengers have to take those articles with them, they may confer with the airline's freight department.

C. Specific provisions for hand luggage

The following are articles that cannot be taken with passengers as hand luggage.

1. firearms and equipments for military or police use

a. military or police guns: pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and baton guns

b. civilian guns: air guns, shotguns, sporting guns, anesthetic injection guns and starting guns

c. Other military or police weapons: batons, daggers and bayonets

d. State prohibited guns or weapons: steel ball guns, tear gas guns and electric guns

e. Imitation of firearms mentioned above: gun samples or guns used as properties

2. Explosives
a. ammunition: bombs, grenades, flare bombs, fire bombs, smoke shells, tear bombs, gas bombs and bullets including blank cartridges, testing missiles and practice ammunition

b. blasting equipment: blasting explosive, blasting fuse, detonating cords, non-electric detonating system and blasting agents

c. Pyrotechnic products: fireworks and firecrackers

d. Imitation of explosives mentioned above

3. State controlled cutting tools: daggers, three-square tools, backsword or double-edged sword that longer than dagger

4. Explosive and Flammable materials: cylinders containing liquefied or compressed gases such as hydrogen, oxygen and butane; white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, nitrocellulose (including film), oilpaper and their products which may cause spontaneous combustion; potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide, Mg-Al powder that will react with water; Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol (alcohol), paint, thinner, retinol and other flammable liquids; flashlight powder, solid alcohol, celluloid and other flammable solids; sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, acetyhydroperoxide and other organic oxides

5. Toxic materials: Cyanide, highly toxic pesticides and other toxic materials

6. Corrosive substances: sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, electrolytic batteries, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide

7. Radioactive substances like radioisotopes

8. Other materials that may harm the flight's safety, such as materials with strong irritating smell and strong magnetic articles that may interfere the normal working of aircraft's instruments.

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