Crew, Resident and Journalist Visa

Crew Visa (C)

Persons arriving as crew on planes or ships should apply for it. Clearly they should obtain information and complete formalities via their employers.

Resident Visa (D)

In summary, the regulations state that a person who has lived 5 years in China and is a desirable person may obtain permanent residency.

In practice it seems that very few people are able to achieve this status. China is not an immigrant country (like the USA, Canada, Australia) and does not seek foreign permanent residents. Unless you have made massive investments which have generated substantial profit to China and you have good connections with the establishment, it seems you are unlikely to succeed.

Journalist Visa (J-1, J-2)

The long stay visa, J1 is for resident journalists, the short say, J2, is for those who are visiting for short term assignments. These are rather specialist visas and there are several extra requirements including approvals, invitations from the Chinese media authorities, or itineraries. There are extra requirements if you want to bring filming equipment into China. You will find the full details on the application form.

The J-1 visa is only for 30 days from the date of arrival during which time you and your local organisation must seek a Temporary Residence Permit for the duration of your contract, to a maximum of 12 months.

Basic Requirements

1. A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and at least a blank page
2. One truly completed Visa Application Form. If someone else travelling with you shares the same passport, or if you are appling for a visa in a country or territory other than the country of your current nationality, you should fill out the Supplementary Visa Application Form
3. One recent passport photo glued on the visa application form, if the accompanying child on your passport travels with you, the child's photo is also required, and you should declare to the visa officer.

Additional Requirements for C, D, J Visa

1. For Crew Visa, the formal Application Letter from the airline or shipping company, the original & copy of Crew Card and Seaman's Card are also required.
2. For Resident Visa, applicants should provide the Residence Approval Certificate issued by the Chinese Public Security Bureau (The applicant can entrust his/her relatives in China to apply for it at the aforesaid authority)
3. For J-1 or J-2 Visa, the applicant should get the approval from relevant Chinese media authorities before submitting the application. For further information, please contact the Press Section of the Chinese embassies or consulates.

How to Apply

The applicant can submit visa application in person or ask someone else, travel agency or visa agency to apply on his/her behalf.

Processing Time

The normal processing time is 4 working days. Extra fees will be charged respectively for rush service (collect on the same day) and express service (collect on the second or third working day after submission).

Visa Fees

Fees are paid when applicants pick up their visas. The means of payment are different at Chinese Embassies or Consulates in Different Countries and Regions. The fee varies according to applicants' nationality and the number of entries. The below table is the fee for visa application in USA

Entry & Validity

American Citizens

Citizens of Other Countries

Single Entry for 3 Months

USD 140

USD 30

Double Entry for 6 Months

USD 140

USD 45

Multiple Entries for 6 Months

USD 140

USD 60

Multiple Entries for 1 Year or 2 Year

USD 140

USD 90

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