Fu Jiezi

Fu Jiezi was an outstanding military adventurer during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD). He worked out a way to cleverly kill the troublesome king of Loulan (now Ruo Qiang) and then he overawed the other states in the Western Regions. He was the second greatest person of the time, after Zhang Qian, and made an important contribution to guarantee the peace along the Silk Road.

After the Emperor Wu of Han died, the Hun People (Xiongnu) rallied again, and often invaded the Western Regions. Thus, Loulan and Qiuci (now Kuche or Kuqa) were inclined to cooperate with the Hun. They murdered the envoys of the Han, and seized tribute and detained the envoys dispatched by Anxi (Parthia) and Dawan (in Fergana Basin). They threatened the safety and trade route of the Silk Road.

Fu Jiezi volunteered to go to the Western Regions and brought to justice the kings of Loulan and Qiuci with the imperial seal.

After he arrived in Loulan and Qiuci; he scolded their offences sternly; at that, the two kings both agreed to obey the guidance of the Han Dynasty. Then Fu Jiezi continued his west travel towards Dawan, before long, he heard that the Hun's envoys returned to Qiuci. Therefore, he went back to Qiuci quickly to deal with the Hun's envoys. On hearing this, the Han Emperor Zhaodi (the son of Wudi) was very pleased with what he did and promoted him.

As soon as Fu Jiezi left, Loulan and Qiuci rebelled again, and colluded with the Hun. In order to execute one person as a warning to others, Fu was sent to carry on a task of killing Loulan's king. With more than 100 soldiers, and a great deal of gold and silk, he set out again on his westbound journey. When he reached Loulan, the king was unwilling to receive them. Fu Jiezi’s delegation pretended to leave in good manner.

After arriving at the west border of Loulan, he intentionally told the interpreter that he bestowed gold and silk to various states in the Western Regions on behalf of the Han Emperor. Hardly had the king of Loulan heard the news, when he went to the west border to meet the envoys. Fu Jiezi made a junket outside his tent and drank wine with the greedy king, showing him all the gold and silk they brought. The king was so happy that he drank deeply of wine and soon he got drunk. When this happened, Fu Jiezi asked the king to enter his tent so that he could give him a secret message. No sooner had the king entered the tent, than he was killed by two heroes. With military menace, Fu quickly placated officials and attendants here and stabilized Loulan. Then he took the head of Loulan's king to Chang'an. The Han Emperor commended Fu Jiezi's achievements and promoted him to Yiyanghou (a high official).

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