Chinese Food & Drink

with thousands of years' development, chinese cuisine and drink are indispensable to chinese culture, presently enjoying world-wide fame and a positive reputation.

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chinese food

during a long period of production and living practice, chinese nation has made great contribution to the world on the aspects of food resource exploration, food treatment, nutrition and health care, dishware design and cuisine aesthetics. chinese intellectuals have created countless dishes with apt names, aromas, flavors and colors, greatly enhancing the dining experience. during these four or five thousand years of development, chinese cuisine appears various features in different periods and regions. generally speaking, chinese people mainly live on the five common cereals and vegetables and added by a small supply of meat. this eating habit is formed by the mode of production which is centered by agriculture. moreover, chinese food makes cooked food and hot food primary, which is related to the advance of culinary skills and early civilization of the country.

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chinese tea

regarded as an exquisite art form that requires sampling. now it has become the national drink and one of the three soft drinks in the world (the other two are coffee and cocoa). it is from china that the tea planting techniques, processing, drinking methods and tea ceremony were directly or indirectly introduced to the world. so china is regarded proudly as the hometown of tea. the land can be divided into four tea growing regions: south china,

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southwestern china, and Yangtze River north and south Banks. these vast tea planting areas widely grow various kinds of tea trees. different teas require different tea sets to infuse the best flavor. chinese tea sets mainly include teacup, teapot and tea saucer. their materials differ in porcelain, pottery, lacquer ware, glass, bamboo and wooden fish stone. what's more, tea ceremony, the soul of tea culture, is considered to be a good way to cultivate the minds. through infusing, appreciating and tasting tea, people can nourish their inborn nature and promote friendship among each other.

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