Chinese Airlines

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), also called the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, was established as a government agency in 1949 to operate China's commercial air fleet. In 1988 CAAC's operational fleet was transferred to new, semiautonomous airlines and has served since as a regulatory agency.

In 2002 the government merged the nine largest airlines into three regional groups based in Beijing , Shanghai , and Guangzhou , respectively: Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines, which operate most of China's external flights.

By 2005 these three had been joined by six other major airlines: Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines. Together, these nine airlines had a combined fleet of some 860 aircraft, mostly Boeing from the United States and Airbus from France.

To meet growing demands for passenger and cargo capacity, in 2005 these airlines significantly expanded their fleets with orders placed for additional Boeing and Airbus aircraft expected to be delivered by 2010. In June 2006, it was announced that an Airbus A320 assembly plant would be built in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin , with the first aircraft to be delivered in 2008.

Air China owns 17.5% of Cathay Pacific (second largest shareholder) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), an administrative agency of the State Council, owns majority and controlling stakes in China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Air China.

The total number of planes of all mainland Chinese carriers combined will be near 1,580 by 2010, up from 863 in 2006. By 2025, the figure is estimated to be 4,000

The twenty seven airlines in the Chinese mainland handled 138 million passengers, and 22.17 million tons of cargo in 2005.

List of airlines of China

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Air China Cargo中国国际货运航空有限公司CACAO
Air China中國國際貨運航空CACCA
CDI Cargo Airlines长龙航空GJCDC
Changan Airlines长安航空2ZCGN
Chengdu Airlines成都航空EUUEA
China Cargo Airlines中国货运航空CKCKK
(*) Beijing Capital Airlines首都航空JDDER
China Eastern Airlines中国东方航空公司MUCES
China Express Airlines華夏航空G5HXA
China Postal Airlines中国货运邮政航空公司CFCYZ
China Southern Airlines中国南方航空公司CZCSN
China United Airlines中国联合航空KNCUA
Chongqing Airlines重庆航空OQCQN
Dalian Airlines大连航空CACCD
Deer Jet金鹿航空JDDER
Donghai Airlines东海航空DZEPA
Grandstar Cargo银河国际货运航空有限公司GDGSC
Great Wall Airlines長城航空IJGWL
Hainan Airlines海南航空公司HUCHH
Hebei Airlines河北航空公司NSHBH
Henan Airlines河南航空VDKPA
Jade Cargo International翡翠国际货运航空有限公司JIJAE
Juneyao Airlines吉祥航空公司HODKH
Lucky Air祥鹏航空公司8LLKE
Okay Airways奥凯航空公司BKOKA
Ruili Airlines瑞丽航空有限公司DRRLH
Shanghai Airlines上海航空公司FMCSH
Shanghai Airlines Cargo上海航空股份有限公司F4SHQ
Shenzhen Airlines深圳航空ZHCSZ
Sichuan Airlines四川航空3UCSC
Spring Airlines春秋航空公司9CCQH
Tianjin Airlines天津航空GSGCR
West Air (China)西部航空PNCHB
Xiamen Airlines厦门航空MFCXA
Yangtze River Express扬子江快运航空有限公司Y8YZR
(*) Air Macau澳門航空NXAMU
(*)Cathay Pacific國泰航空公司CXCPA
(*)China Flying Dragon Aviation中国飞龙专业航空公司-CFA
(*)East Star Airlines東星航空8CDXH
(*)Fuzhou Airlines福州航空公司FUFZA
(*)Grand China Air大新华航空CNGDC
(*)Hong Kong Airlines香港航空公司HXCRK
(*)HK Express香港快運航空UOHKE
(*)Joy Air幸福航空JRJOY
(*)Kunming Airlines昆明航空公司KYKNA
(*)Urumqi Air烏魯木齊航空公司UQCUH
(*)Tibet Airlines西藏航空TVTBA
(*)Qingdao Airlines青岛航空QWQDA
(*)Uni-Top Airlines友和道通航空UWUTP
(*)SF Airlines顺丰航空有限公司O3CSS
(*)Air Hong Kong香港華民航空LDAHK
(*)China Airlines中華航空股份有限公司CICAL

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