Chinese Visa Guidelines

Visa FAQ

Many frequently asked questions
about Chinese visa application are listed.

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Single, Double and Multiple Entry Visas

Validity (Enter Before)

Duration of Stay (After Entry)

Visa Exemption

There are a very few situations where no visa is required or you can obtain a visa on arrival.

Marriage Registration

International marriages are increasingly
common: marriages between foreigners
and Chinese citizens are no exception.

Hong Kong Visa

This section on Chinese visa explains the general principles of what entry visas are. Although Hong Kong and Macau are parts of the People's Republic of China (PRC)

Macau Visa

Macau is generally very open in its approach to admit tourists and short term business visitors.

Chinese Visa Application Form

China Meanland Visa Application Form 1 PDF

Hong Kong Application Form PDF

China Meanland Visa Application Form 2 PDF

Macau Application Form PDF

Taiwan Application Form PDF

Affidavit Of Marital Status PDF

Chinese Government Scholarship PDF

Notarization Legalization PDF

Study Visa Application PDF

Physical Examintion PDF

Student Visa Application PDF

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