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Architecture and culture are tightly related to each other. In a sense, architecture is the carrier of culture. Styles of Chinese ancient architecture are rich and varied, such as temples, imperial palaces, altars, pavilions, official residencies and folk houses, which greatly reflect Chinese ancient thought - the harmonious unity of human beings with nature.

You may find much Chinese ancient architecture, is often composed of small yards. Instead of pursuing the over-dimensioned architecture such as western cathedrals, Chinese ancient people designed housings fit human dimensions so that they may feel intimate and safe, and this idea reflects the practical thinking in Chinese culture.

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Chinese people practice moderation in all things and they don't lay emphasis on strong self-expression but seek modesty and gentleness. The influence of this spirit on architecture is characterized by pursuing sense and connotation. Usually, the front of Chinese architecture is simply plain walls that cannot catch your eyes, but when you patiently walk inside, you will find the best feature is waiting in the farthest inside like a shy girl slowly uncovers her veil.

Two typical types of Chinese ancient architecture represent the profound influence of Chinese culture are Fengshui and Memorial arch.

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Chinese traditional theory especially directs the process of architectural construction on the basis of the culture of the Book of Change. Its emphasis is concerned with the harmonious unity of human beings with nature.

Chinese Memorial Arch

(Paifang): It is the derivative of Chinese feudal society, also called Pailou, unique to China, was built to honor great achievement and virtue of ancestors.

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