Eight Cuisines of China

chinese cuisine has a number of different genres, but the most influential and typical known by the public are the 'eight cuisines'. these are as follows:

shandong cuisine,

guangdong cuisine,

sichuan cuisine,

hunan cuisine,

jiangsu cuisine,

zhejiang cuisine,

fujian cuisine

and anhui cuisine .

the essential factors that establish the form of a genre are complex and include history, cooking features, geography, climate, resources and life styles. cuisines from different regions are so distinctive that sometimes despite the fact that two areas are geographical neighbors their styles are completely alien.

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other cuisines

in other places there are also great tastes such as Beijing cuisine, dongbei cuisine , uygur cuisine and huibei cuisine. as the capital of china, Beijing has always enjoyed a selection of delectable cuisines and offers a vast variety of dishes from all over the country. consequently, no matter where you visit, there will be fascinating food that you can enjoy.

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