Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Pass

Zhuangdaokou Great Wall Pass is located on the mountain sandwiched by Zhuang Dao Kou Village down in the south and Er Dao Guan Village down in the north. So to cross the Zhuagdaokou Great Wall Pass, we are required to hike south from Zhuang Dao Kou Village, climb up to the mountain valley, pass through the Great Wall through the gateway (Zhuang Dao Kou Pass), then continue to trek on the mountain north of the Great Wall, before we reach Er Dao Guan Village down the mountain.

The walk from Zhuangdao Kou Village to Er Dao Guan Village through the Great Wall pass takes approxi. 1 and half hours.

The Great Wall spanning between Zhuang Dao Kou Village and Er Dao Guan Village is part of Huanghuacheng Great Wall. Zhuang Dao Kou Village is located directly at the foot of the Zhuang Dao Kou Pass of the Great Wall ( part of Huanghuacheng Great Wall), hence the name of Zhuang Dao Kou Village.

Er Dao Guan Village literally means "Second Great Wall Pass Village". It is located at the foot of the ancient pass of the second Great Wall paralleling the Huanghuacheng Great Wall to the north. The second Great Wall was built aimed at increasing the defense power of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall in Ming Dynasty.

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