Great Wall in Shaanxi

The Great Walls in Shaanxi are mainly distributed throughout the cities of , Yan'an and Hancheng. The total length measures more than 1,056 miles. Most of them were built during the Warring States Periods (475 - 221 BC) and Ming Dynasties (1368 - 1644). The walls from the Warring Period were mainly built by Wei (475 - 221 BC) and Qin States (221 - 207 BC). They are composed of city walls, terraces, barracks, beacon towers and watch posts. Due to its extensive history, natural disasters and human destruction, all that remains now is the main part made of rammed earth. 

Being one of the states from the Warring States Period, the Wei State built its own wall starting from the north side of Mt. Huashan to the west bank of Yellow River in Hancheng. It used to be the border of Qin State and Wei State during that period. The Wei Great Wall in Hancheng mainly begins in Longting area, 10 kilometers away from Hancheng City. This section was built in 351 AD meaning this section has a history of nearly 2,000 years. The section between Chengnan Village and Maling Village is in good condition and the beacons can still be seen.

Furthermore, one can see two other sections of walls from the Warring States Period which used to belong to the Han State and Liang State. The 15 km (9 miles) long Han State walls are scattered in Longting and Zhiyang areas with now just the rammed earth sections left. The Liang State ones are in Longting and Longchuanzhi areas. Both of those are now in ruins.

Only the rammed earth and the base sections can clearly be seen. Qin State, another state of Warring States Period, built the eastern and northern great wall. The eastern wall includes two parts that lie in Weinan and Chengcheng Cities. The north wall was discovered in the northern part of Shaanxi, stretching from northeast and Shenmu to southwest Wuqi County, Yan'an. The Qin State Great Wall was discovered in hills and deserts. Some sections are covered by sand, but some terraces remain above the sand. More than 60 beacons, graves, barracks are found alongside the wall. 

The Sui Dynasty (581 - 618) built its walls in Shenmu, Jingbian and Dingbian Counties of , which also lie in northern Shaanxi.

The Ming Great Wall in Shaanxi Province was mainly in City. Due to the strategic position, has many sections. On the Loess Plateau, used to be on the border of Han nationality in central part of China and the nomadic tribes in the Inner Mongolia. Throughout the ages, countless wars were fought for possession of this area. Thus, this defensive system was built to prevent the wars from happening. Now the Great Wall stretches for about 880 kilometers, passing from Fugu County, Shenmu, Yuyang District in City, Hengshan, Jingbian, Wuqi and going to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from Dingbian County.

The sections in Fugu stretch 7 kilometers (about 43 miles) on the hills. The Great Wall in Shenmu has already been covered by sand with only three terraces left in the desert. The part in western Dingbian County is about 600 kilometers (373 miles) long and has two layers, the inner and the outer, which are the best preserved.

Zhenbeitai (Pacify the North Tower), lying 3.1 miles north of City is known as being the first tower on the Great Wall and had the same strategic position as Jiayuguan Pass and Shanhaiguan Pass. The observation platform is noted for having the biggest terrace. It was built in the year 1607 during the Ming Dynasty to protect the Horse Trade Market where Han people did business with nomads. Today the relic of this tower is still well preserved. You can climb to the top for a grand view of the beautiful desert beyond the pass. 

The Great Walls in Shaanxi need to be urgently protected. Although the ancient treasures have already aroused the attention of the local governments, the gap still remains and more help is needed from people and organizations.

The natural walls in Shaanxi Province give people who love traveling a chance to get close to nature and explore the original great walls. If you are tired of the crowded people and want to see a different Great Wall than Badaling, you can go to Shaanxi, especially the northern part of Shaanxi to appreciate the most original scenery on your own.

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