Chu (Ten Kingdoms)

Chǔ (楚) was a kingdom in southern China during the five dynasties and ten kingdoms Period (907-960). It existed from 907 to 951.


Ma Yin was named regional governor by the Tang court in 896 after fighting against a rebel named Yang Xingmi. He declared himself as the Prince of Chu with the fall of the tang dynasty in 907. Ma's position as Prince of Chu was confirmed by the later tang dynasty in the north in 927 and was given the posthumous title of Chu Wumuwang.

Territorial Extant

The capital of the Chu Kingdom was Changsha (Tan Prefecture (潭州)). Present-day Hunan and northeastern Guangxi were under the control of the kingdom.


Chu was peaceful and prosperous under Ma Yin's rule, exporting horses, silk and tea. Silk was often used as a currency, particularly with external communities which would not accept the coinage of the land. Taxation was low for the peasantry and merchants.

Fall of the Chu

After Ma Yin died the leadership was subject to struggle and conflict which resulted in the fall of the kingdom. The southern tang dynasty, fresh from its conquest of the Min Kingdom, took advantage and conquered the kingdom in 951. The ruling family was removed to the southern tang dynasty capital of Nanjing and the kingdom was absorbed into the southern tang dynasty.

Sovereigns in Chu Kingdom 907 -951

Posthumous Names ( Shi Hao諡號 )

Personal Names

Period of Reigns

武穆王 wu3 mo4 wang2

Ma Yin |馬殷 ma3 yin1

907 -930

衡陽王 heng2 yang2 wang2

馬希聲 ma3 xi1 sheng1

930 -932

文昭王 wen2 zhao1 wang2

馬希範 ma3 xi1 fan4

932 -947

廢王 fei4 wang2

馬希廣 ma3 xi1 guang3

947 -950

恭孝王 gong1 xiao4 wang2

馬希萼 ma3 xi1 e4


Did not exist

馬希崇 ma3 xi1 chong2

950 -951

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