Bayan Qulï

Bayan Qulï (died 1358) was khan of the Chagatai Khanate from 1348 to 1358 and a grandson of Duwa.

In 1348 Bayan Qulï was raised to the position of khan by the ruler of the Qara'unas, Amir Qazaghan, who had effectively taken control of the Chagatai ulus in 1346. For the next decade he remained Qazaghan's puppet, exercising little real authority. In 1358 Qazaghan was assassinated and succeeded by his son 'Abdullah. Not long after his ascension, 'Abdullah had Bayan Qulï killed and selected a new puppet, Shah Temur, to succeed him. Bayan Qulï's death was used as a pretext by 'Abdullah's enemies to bring about his downfall that same year.

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