Consort Chen Guinü

Consort Chen Guinü (陳歸女) (died 390), formally Empress Dowager Ande (安德太后, formally "the peaceful and virtuous empress dowager") was an imperial consort during the Chinese jin dynasty (265-420). She was Emperor Xiaowu's concubine.

Chen Guinü's father Chen Guang (陳廣) was initially a musician, but he later became a governmental official and reached the rank of commandery governor. She was regarded as beautiful and skilled in music, and she was selected to be a concubine for Emperor Xiaowu. She bore him his only two sons -- Sima Dezong the Crown Prince and Sima Dewen the Prince of Langye. She died in 390, still during Emperor Xiaowu's reign. After her developmentally disabled son Sima Dezong became emperor in 396 (as Emperor An), she was posthumoustly honored as an empress dowager, and she was worshipped in the same temple as Emperor Xiaowu's grandmother Consort Zheng Achun (鄭阿春).

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