Consort Jingyi

Consort Jingyi (Chinese: 敬懿皇贵妃) (1856–1932) née Heseri was an Imperial concubine of the Tongzhi Emperor.

When the time came for Puyi to marry, Consort Jin and Dowager Consort Jingyi (敬懿太妃) had an argument over who should be the empress (the emperor's primary spouse). Consort Jin favoured Wanrong while Jinyi preferred Wenxiu. In Consort Jin's opinion, Wenxiu was not beautiful enough to be empress and she came from a lesser family background as compared to Wanrong. Despite so, Puyi's first choice was Wenxiu, and this frustrated Consort Jin. She held a discussion with other nobles and officials in the imperial court, and they succeeded in persuading Puyi to select Wanrong as his empress and name Wenxiu as a consort.

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