Di Yi

Di Yi (帝乙) or Emperor Yi was a king of the shang dynasty of China from 1101 BC to 1076 BC.

His name is Xian (羡). His capital was at Yin (殷).

According to Bamboo Annals, on the third year of his regime, he ordered Nanzhong to fight Kun Barbarians and built Shuofang City (朔方, roughly modern Ordos, Inner Mongolia ) in the midst of the Kun Barbarians territory after winning a battle. He also fought the Renfang (Di Cosmo, 1999: 908), eventually capturing and sacrificing their chief.


Di Xin, succeeded as the last Shang emperor.

Weiziqi (微子啟), the eldest. After the Shang succumbed to the Zhou, he was awarded the state of Song.

Weizhong (微仲), the second ruler of Song.

Jizi, legendary ruler of Gojoseon.

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