Duanhua (Duwanhūwa; 1807 - 1861) was a Manchu prince and regent of the qing dynasty.

Duanhua was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as the third son of Wu'ergong'a (烏爾恭阿), a descendant of Jirgalang (a nephew of the qing dynasty's founder Nurhaci). He was from one of the qing dynasty's "Iron-cap" princely lines and in 1846 he inherited the title of "Prince Zheng of the First Rank" (鄭親王) from his ancestors. He was under the Bordered Blue Banner of the Eight Banners.

Duanhua rose to prominence during the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor. Because of a scandal involving Grand Councilor Mujangga, Duanhua gained Xianfeng's trust as a loyal confidant, and became one of the emperor's closest advisors. Duanhua also recommended his brother Sushun to serve in the Qing imperial court. During the Second Opium War, Duanhua accompanied the ailing Xianfeng Emperor to Rehe to escape from the foreign invaders.

In 1861, before the Xianfeng Emperor died, he appointed eight regents to assist his successor, the young Tongzhi Emperor, in administrating state affairs. Duanhua and Sushun were among the eight. Later that year, Duanhua and the other seven regents were ousted from power in the Xinyou Coup (辛酉政變) orchestrated by Prince Gong and Empress Dowager Cixi. Duanhua was arrested, imprisoned, and eventually forced to commit suicide.

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