Emperor Bing of Song

Emperor Bing of Song (Chinese: 宋帝昺) (1271 – March 19, 1279 CE) was the last emperor of the southern song dynasty of China. He was also known as Lord Perpetual-Nation (永國公 yongguo gong).

Born Zhào Bǐng (趙昺) to Emperor Duzong of Song, he was the younger brother of his predecessor, Emperor Duanzong of Song. His mother was Consort Yu (俞修容), who held the rank of Xiurong. He became King Xin (信王) in 1274 CE then two years later received the titles of King Guang (廣王/广王) and King Wei (衛王/卫王). He was enthroned at Meiyu (梅蔚), Gangzhou (modern Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong ), on May 10, 1278 and his only era named Xiángxīng (祥興).

According to the History of Song (宋史) compiled under the Mongol Prime Minister Toktoghan, Emperor Bing is reported to have died at the Battle of Yamen on March 19, 1279. An official, Lu Xiufu who realized that all was lost, carried him and jumped into the sea in an act of defiance to the Mongol invaders near Mount Ya (厓山) at the mouth of the West River in Guangdong .

His tomb is in Shekou, Shenzhen.

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