Emperor Jingzong of Liao

The Emperor Jingzong of Liao (Chinese: 辽景宗; pinyin: Liáo Jǐngzōng) (September 1, 948–October 13, 982), born as Yelü Xian (Chinese: 耶律賢; pinyin: Yēlǜ Xián), was an emperor of the Liao Dynasty and reigned from 13 March 969 to 13 October 982.

Yēlǜ Zōngzhēn succeeded Muzong in 969 after Muzong was murdered in a hunting trip. He had support from both Khitan and Han officials.

Emperor Jingzong made several important contributions to Liao Dynasty. He started to use Han officials in the government, appointing one as the Minister of Southern Affairs and the Duke of Qin. This allowed the government to run more efficiently and sped up the transformation of Liao society into a feudal society.

He cracked down on corruption in the government, firing those who were bribed or incompetent. Jingzong also accepted criticisms willingly. He stopped hunting frequently after an official made a connection between hunting and Muzong's death, and Jingzong began to prepare war against his southern neighbors.

Military Campaigns

Jingzong's first conflict with song dynasty came with the Song's invasion of Northern han dynasty. However, the Liao reinforcements were destroyed by a Song army, and Song later destroyed the northern han. The Song army followed up the victory with an attack on the Liao city of Beijing . However, the Liao army completely routed the Song, and Song Taizong fled the battlefield.

Several battles followed, with a stalemate between the Liao and Song.

Emperor Jingzong later died on his way back from a hunting trip.

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