Emperor Mozhu of western xia

Emperor Mozhu ("last ruler") or Emperor Modi ("last emperor") of western xia was the last emperor of western xia and reigned from 1226 to 1227. His Chinese name was Lǐ Xiàn 李睍. He presided over the destruction of the kingdom as the Mongol forces of Genghis Khan overran and conquered the kingdom following defiance by earlier emperors of the kingdom.

Faced with the threat of Mongols, Mozhu and his officials rallied around the capital Zhongxing, trying to use its large walls to fight the Mongol cavalries. However, Zhongxing suffered from a massive earthquake, causing pestilence and food shortage. In 1227, Mozhu finally surrendered to the Mongol Empire, but the Mongols killed him and his entire family in fear of that the western xia would rebel against Mongol Empire. His death marked the end of the Western xia dynasty.

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