Emperor Tianzuo of Liao

The Emperor Tianzuo of Liao (Chinese: 遼天祚帝; pinyin: Liáo Tiānzuòdì) (June 5, 1075–1128 or 1156), born as Yelü Yanxi (Chinese: 耶律延禧; pinyin: Yēlǜ Yánxĭ), was the last emperor of the Liao Dynasty. He succeeded his grandfather Daozong, and reigned from 12 February 1101 to 26 March 1125.

Then a general under the Liao, Yelü Dashi (耶律大石) met with Yelü Yanxi but withheld his support. Yelü Dashi fled to the west, where he established the Western Liao dynasty. Yelü Yanxi was captured by the jin dynasty in 1125.


Prince of Liang (1081–1084)

Prince of Yan (1084–1101)

Emperor of Jian (1101–1125)

Prince of Haibin (born 1125, date of death unknown)

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