Emperor Xiaozong of Song

Emperor Xiaozong (November 27, 1127 – June 28, 1194) was the eleventh emperor of the song dynasty of China, and the second emperor of the southern song dynasty. His personal name was Zhao Shen. He reigned from 1162 to 1189. His temple name means "Filial Ancestor".

Xiaozong was the 7th generation descendant of Emperor Taizu, the founder of the song dynasty. He was found after Emperor Gaozong lost his only child and heir and thus ordered the administration to look for all the descendants of the imperial family all across southern China (all the close relatives of Gaozong had been captured by the Jurchen invaders when they entered the capital Kaifeng during their conquest of northern China in 1127).

Xiaozong was the second son of Zhao Zicheng (趙子偁) ( ? -1143), known posthumously as Prince Xi of Xiu'an (秀安僖王), who was a sixth cousin of emperors Gaozong and Qinzong. Zhao Zicheng was the son of Zhao Linghua (趙令譮), known posthumously as Duke of Qing (慶國公), who was a fifth cousin of emperors Huizong and Zhezong. Zhao Linghua was the son of Zhao Shijiang (趙世將), known posthumously as Marquess of Huayin (華陰侯), who was a fourth cousin of Emperor Shenzong. Zhao Shijiang was the son of Zhao Congyu (趙從郁), known posthumously as Marquess of Xinxing (新興侯), who was a third cousin of Emperor Yingzong. Zhao Congyu was the son of Zhao Weixian (趙惟憲) (979-1016), known posthumously as Duke of Ying (英國公), who was a second cousin of Emperor Renzong. Zhao Weixian was the second son of Zhao Defang (趙德芳) (959-981), known posthumously as Prince Kanghui of Qin (秦康惠王), who was a first cousin of Emperor Zhenzong, and the second surviving son of Emperor Taizu.

Xiaozong's mother, titled Princess Xiu (秀王夫人) ( ? -1167), was from the Zhang (張) family.

Personal information

Great-great-great-great--great-grandfather: Emperor Taizu of Song

Great-great-great-great-grandfather: Zhao Defang, Prince Kanghui of Qin

Great-great-great-grandfather: Zhao Weixian, Duke of Ying

Great-great-grandfather: Zhao Congyu, Marquis of Xinxing

Great-grandfather: Zhao Shihiang, Marquis of Huayin

Grandfather: Zhao Linghua, Duke of Qing

Father: Zhao Zicheng, Prince Anxi of Xiu

Brother: Zhao Bogui, Prince Xianjing of Chong

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