Emperor Zhuangzong of later tang

Emperor Zhuangzong of later tang (後唐莊宗), personal name Li Cunxu (simplified Chinese: 李存勗; traditional Chinese: 李存勖 or 李存勗; pinyin: Lǐ Cúnxù), nickname Yazi (亞子), was the Prince of Jin (908-923) and later became Emperor of later tang (923–926) . He was the son of Li Keyong.

Li Cunxu was successful in overthrowing the later liang dynasty in 923 and proclaimed himself emperor of the later tang, which he referred to as the "Restored Tang. " As a part of "restoring the Tang," the capital was moved back to the old Tang eastern capital of Luoyang.

As with all of the other dynasties of the Five Dynasties, this was a short-lived regime lasting only thirteen years. Li Cunxu himself lived only three years after the founding of the dynasty, having been killed during an officer's rebellion led by Guō Cóngqiān (郭從謙) in 926 . He was succeeded by Lǐ Sìyuán(李嗣源).

Personal information


Li Keyong, Prince of Jin, posthumously honored Emperor Wu


Lady Cao, initially the Lady of Jin, later the Lady Dowager of Jin, later Empress Dowager (honored 923), posthumously honored Empress Zhenjian


Lady Han, later imperial consort with the rank Shufei (淑妃)

Empress Liu (created 924, killed 926), mother of Prince Jiji

Major Concubines

Lady Yi, later imperial consort with the rank Defei (德妃)

Consort Xia, the Lady of Guo, later wife of Li Zanhua

Consort Hou, the Lady of Qian

Consort Bai, the Lady of Yi

Consort Deng, the Lady of Xu

Consort Zhang, the Lady of Liang

Consort Zhou, the Lady of Song

Consort Wu, the Lady of Yanling

Consort Wang, the Lady of Taiyuan

Consort Han, the Lady of Changli

Consort Zhang, the Lady of Qinghe

Consort Wang, the Lady of Langye

Consort Ma, the Lady of Fufeng


Li Jiji (李繼岌), the Prince of Wei (created 925, committed suicide 926)

Li Jitong (李繼潼)

Li Jisong (李繼嵩)

Li Jichan (李繼蟾)

Li Jiyao (李繼嶢)

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