Empress Bian (Cao Mao)

Empress Bian, personal name unknown, was an empress of cao wei during the three kingdoms period of Chinese history. She was married to Cao Mao, the fourth emperor of cao wei. Her father Bian Long (卞隆) was the grandson of Bian Bing (卞秉), a brother-in-law of Cao Mao's great-grandfather, Cao Cao and a brother of Empress Dowager Bian.

Cao Mao married Empress Bian in 255, when he was 14. Her age was not known. There was no further records of her activities, as her husband was himself under the tight control of Sima Shi and then Sima Zhao. It is also not known what happened to her after Cao Mao made a failed coup attempt against Sima Zhao and was killed in the attempt.

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