Empress Du Lingyang

Empress Du Lingyang (杜陵陽) (321–341), formally Empress Chengong (成恭皇后, literally "the successful and respectful empress") was an empress of jin dynasty (265-420). Her husband was Emperor Cheng of Jin. (Some historians believe that her name was simply Du Ling, and that imperial archivists mistakenly attached the character "yang" to her name later. They point out that while the name of a county with the character "ling" in its name was changed pursuant to naming taboo, many names of places with "yang" in their names were not changed. However, there can be other explanations for this. )

Du Lingyang was the daughter of Du Ai (杜乂), a mid-level official and the hereditary Marquess of Dangyang, the grandson of the general Du Yu (杜預), who contributed much to Emperor Wu of Jin's conquest of Eastern Wu. Du Ai died early, and Du Lingyang, who did not have any brothers, was raised by her mother Lady Pei.

Du Lingyang was famed for her beauty and virtues, and Emperor Cheng married her as his empress in 336, when both of them were 15. He apparently favored her greatly, but she was sonless. She died in 341, a year before he would die as well.

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