Empress Liang Lanbi

Empress Liang Lanbi (梁蘭璧) was an empress during jin dynasty (265–420). Her husband was the ill-fated Emperor Huai.

Very little is known about her, and she was not even listed in the biographies of the empresses in the Book of Jin, the official history of the dynasty. She had married Emperor Huai long before he became emperor (although the date is not known), and when he was crown prince, she carried the title of crown princess. When he became emperor in 307, she was created empress. Nothing further is known about her, including her fate when he was captured by Han Zhao forces in 311. However, it appeared that at least by later that year, when the Han Zhao emperor Liu Cong created him the Duke of Kuaiji, she had either died or had been taken elsewhere, for Liu Cong gave a concubine of his, Consort Liu, to be the former Jin emperor's duchess.

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