Quan Huijie

Quan Huijie, formally known as Empress Quan, was an empress of Eastern Wu during the three kingdoms period of Chinese history. She was married to Sun Liang, the second emperor of Eastern Wu.

She was the daughter of Quan Shang (全尚), a nephew of the key official Quan Cong, who had married the founding emperor Sun Quan's daughter Sun Dahu (孫大虎). When she was young, she often visited Princess Dahu, and Princess Dahu liked her greatly. Princess Dahu had her married to Sun Quan's youngest son Sun Liang, whom she was successful in persuading Sun Quan to make crown prince. Lady Quan therefore became crown princess. Some time after Sun Liang succeeded Sun Quan as emperor in 252, she was created empress.

In 258, angry with the incompetence and dictatorial nature of the regent Sun Chen, Sun Liang conspired with, among others, Princess Dahu and Empress Quan's father Quan Shang and brother Quan Ji (全紀) to overthrown Sun Chen. However, Quan Shang's wife was Sun Chen's cousin, and she revealed the plot to Sun Chen. When Sun Chen surrounded the palace to force Sun Liang's ouster, Quan Ji committed suicide. As Sun Chen then had Sun Liang demoted to Prince of Kuaiji, Empress Quan was similarly demoted. Her father Quan Shang was exiled and then killed in exile, while her family was forced to relocate to Lingling (零陵, in modern Yongzhou, Hunan ). In 260, when the new emperor Sun Xiu further demoted Sun Liang to the Marquess of Houguan (候官, in modern Fuzhou , Fujian ), Sun Liang died on the way, either by his own hand or by poison, and the former Empress Quan settled down in Houguan. She died sometime between 301 and 303, long after the empire was destroyed by jin dynasty.

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