Empress Xiao Cheng Jing

Empress Xiao Cheng Jing (died 1541) was a Chinese Empress consort of the ming dynasty, married to the Hongzhi Emperor.


Married then-Crown Prince Youcheng as his wife and crown princess in 1487; was created empress when he succeeded to the throne later that year; remains the only empress to an adult emperor who had no concubines in Chinese history. The emperor is said to have loved her sincerely and therefore did not want other wives or concubines. The couples relationship was therefore described not only as that of a emperor and empress in a dynastic marriage, but that of the parties of a love relationship, and lived together as commoners did. Her family was also benefited by the affection her husband had for her. She was confirmed in the position of empress dowager in both 1505 and 1521 and treated with great respect by the successors of her husband.


Zhu Houzhao, Zhengde Emperor

Zhu Houwei, Prince Dao of Wei

Zhu Xiurong, Princess Taikang

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