Empress Xiaochengren

Empress Xiaochengren (Manchu: Hiyoošungga Unenggi Gosin Hūwanghu; 26 November 1653 - 16 June 1674) was the first Empress Consort of the Kangxi Emperor of the qing dynasty. She died at the age of 20, and is therefore considered to be the most short-lived Empress of the qing dynasty.


Empress Xiaochengren was born in the Manchu Heseri clan. She was the daughter of Gabula, a duke and general. Her grandfather Sonin served as one of the Four Regents for the Kangxi Emperor from 1661 to 1667 when the emperor was still a child. Lady Heseri's great-grandfather Shuose and great-granduncle Xifu were both fluent in the Chinese, Mongol and Manchu languages, and served as Grand Councilors. One of her uncles was Songgotu, a diplomat and minister.

Lady Heseri married the Kangxi Emperor in 1665 when she was 12 and he was 11, thus becoming Empress.

Lady Heseri died on 16 June 1674 in the Forbidden City shortly after giving birth to her second son Yinreng. After her death the Kangxi Emperor left the position of Empress vacant for several years. One of Lady Heseri's younger sisters later became Kangxi's Consort Ping (平妃).


Lady Heseri bore the Kangxi Emperor two sons:

Chenghu (承祜) (4 January 1670 - 3 March 1672)

Yinreng (6 June 1674 - 27 January 1725)

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