Gao Gan

Gao Gan (died 206) was a governor of Bing Province during the late han dynasty period of Chinese history. He was a nephew of the warlord Yuan Shao and a cousin of Gao Rou. After the dissolution of the coalition against Dong Zhuo, warlords all across China returned to their respective territories. Only once, Gao Gan and Xun Chen persuaded the warlord Han Fu to relinquish Ji Province to Yuan Shao.

After Yuan Shao's disastrous defeat at the Battle of Guandu, Gao Gan led an army to save Yuan and help him return back to Ji Province. Before Yuan Shao died, he did not choose who he wanted to succeed him, so his older brother Yuan Cheng divided his territory among his children and relatives: Ji Province was given to Yuan Shang; Qing Province to Yuan Tan; You Province to Yuan Xi; Bing Province to Gao Gan.

In 204, Gao Gan surrendered to Cao Cao along with his men. After Yuan Tan's death in 205, Cao Cao went up north to defeat the rest of the Yuan family. In 206, Gao Gan rebelled against Cao Cao at Hu Pass (壺關) and put up a fight against Cao's generals Li Dian and Yue Jin, but was defeated and lost Bing Province to Cao. After his defeat, Gao Gan fled south towards Jing Province but was intercepted by Cao Cao's forces along the way and killed.

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