Han Guang

Han Guang (died 206 BC) was a ruler of the Kingdom of Liaodong of the Eighteen Kingdoms during the Chu–Han contention period of Chinese history.

Han was initially a minor official serving in the Zhao state. In 209 BC, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang initiated the Daze Village Uprising to overthrow the qin dynasty and Han participated in the rebellion. Chen sent Wu Chen to attack the former territories of Zhao. After conquering Zhao, Wu Chen sent Han to rally support from the former Yan state. Han received a warm welcome and was nominated by the people of Yan to be their king.

The following year, Zhao came under attack by the Qin army, led by Zhang Han. Han sent his general Zang Tu to lead an army to help Zhao. Zang followed the rebel coalition force led by Xiang Yu into subsequent battles against Qin and eventually overthrew the qin dynasty in 206 BC.

After the fall of Qin, Xiang Yu divided the former Qin Empire into the Eighteen Kingdoms. He granted Han the title of "King of Liaodong" and relocated Han further northeast. Han's original territory was granted to Zang Tu instead, who was appointed by Xiang as the new king of Yan. However, when Zang returned to take over the Yan kingdom from Han, the latter refused to give up and move to Liaodong. Zang then attacked and defeated Han and killed him.

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