Harjol (1609 – 1641) was a consort of the qing dynasty ruler Hong Taiji. She was a niece of Empress Xiaoduanwen and an older sister of Empress Xiaozhuangwen.


Harjol was born of the Mongol Borjigit clan. Her father was Jaisang (寨桑), a beile of the khorchin mongols. Her personal name, Harjol, means "jade" in the Manchu language.

In 1634 Harjol was brought to the Mukden Palace in present-day Shenyang, Liaoning . In 1636 when Hong Taiji was conferring titles on his five primary spouses, he named Harjol as Consort Chen (宸妃) of Guansui Palace (關睢宮). Harjol was deeply favoured by Hong Taiji. In 1637 she bore Hong Taiji his eighth son, who was unnamed and died a year later.

Harjol died in 1641 and was interred in the Zhao Mausoleum in Shenyang. She was granted the posthumous title of "First Consort Minhuigonghe" (敏惠恭和元妃).

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